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We wouldn't actually do anything but I was curious to meet my roleplaying partner.A couple of weeks before my trip I told Paul I would be in his city for a conference.That would be fun." He even said, "we don't have to do anything but it would be fun to meet over a couple of beers and put faces to the chats we've had." That put me at ease, as these were roles and fantasies that I never expected to live out.After all, it was over 25 years since I had a bi experience.I could live out my fantasies through the imaginative stories of others.I gradually drifted over to the gay section at times and it reignited my desires to relive my bi experiences.He was 6'5" around 250 pounds, a big guy with salt and pepper hair, deep blue eyes and wearing a perfectly tailored dark blue, pin striped suit. We meet in an Internet sex chat room and here we were, sitting in a bar having a beer with each other.We were on our second beer when we started to relax and began to discuss why we went into the chat rooms.

I found the stories on Literotica to be extremely exciting.

I guess just with age and life taking its toll, things just aren't what they used to be, but what is?

I had a few bi experiences in my college days with a close friend mostly when we weren't dating when we were just very horny, young guys.

During the first day of the conference, I was kind of distracted.

My mind kept drifting to drinks with Paul after the last session.

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