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But as Angel plays out his final two months at Luxor, Crawford has remarkably parlayed her time in “Mindfreak” into a Broadway production. The cast premiered Wednesday night on “America’s Got Talent.” Crawford, who appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2015, joins Darcy Oake, Adam Trent, Colin Cloud, Shin Lim, and the dance crew Light Balance.Crawford will be in “The Illusionists — Magic of the Holidays,” which runs at the Marquis Theatre from Nov. It’s a highly regarded lineup; Crawford, the lone woman, is billed as “The Sorceress.” The timing of Crawford’s announcement and “AGT” appearance, of course, is some kind of magic.The magician has dated multiple women and was married twice, but all his relationships failed.In 2002, Criss married to his longtime girlfriend, Jo Ann Winkhart.Also see: Paris Hilton's reaction after fiance Chris Zylka found her Million Worth Lost Engagement Ring has gone VIRAL Criss married his second wife Shaunyl Benson in 2014 but had to get a divorce in the following year in the October of 2015.With Benson, he had a child Johnny Crisstopher Sarantakos.That’s right, if you discount Steve Wyrick’s days at the then-Aladdin, and dismiss the magicians who have worked the V Theater and the Saxe Theater at the connected Miracle Mile Shops.Knowing Angel, he’ll have something, um, up his sleeve in response.

But, he chose a non-famed woman as his wife, not for one, but two times.Sawchuck added that he had three offers to move his show.He’s not saying anything about the Laugh Factory yet, with the paperwork unsigned.Angel’s new show in that very venue is forging a disappearing act among magicians across the hall at Sin City Theater, where Murray Sawchuck has issued his 30-day notice to hotel owners Caesars Entertainment. One of those performers, Chloe Crawford, is Sawchuck’s ex-wife and stage assistant, and a featured performer in a melodrama that played out at — where else? That fall, the British-born Crawford (who was in the cast of “Fantasy” at Luxor at the time) left both Sawchuck the magician and Sawchuck the husband to join Angel’s revamped “Mindfreak.” Crawford, who had developed an interest in magic and stage skills during her time with Sawchuck, was originally billed as Angel’s co-star.Regardless of that billing, Crawford mostly settled in to a role behind Angel, as a cast member along with the great comic performers Mateo Amieva (as the Maestro) and former Amazing Johnathan sidekick Penny Wiggins.

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