Holidays predating christmas

This day has been a national holiday in Iceland since 1971.The video below is from Iceland Close-Up and shows the celebrations that take place to mark the first day of summer.Though many Christians date Christ’s birth as the end of the "Before Christ" or BC era, most believe Christ’s birth can actually be dated to 4 BC.

This worked well when the Romans later largely converted to Christianity because Christmas could be tied to pagan winter rituals, making it more palatable.Charles Dickens must be mentioned as inspiring many of the traditions we now regularly practice as part of Christmas celebrations.His phenomenal classic published in 1843 changed it to a moderate, family oriented holiday.The first day of Harpa corresponded to April 14th in the modern calendar.The current date for the First Day of Summer was determined by the church as it is technically deemed to be the second Thursday after the Saint’s day of Pope Leo I (April 11th).

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