Histological dating endometrium

The blastocyst implants into the endometrium making the uterus gravid.If implantation does not occur, the superficial part of the endometrium is shed during the (hemorrhagic) menstrual phase of the uterine mucous membrane lining of the uterus, consisting of the stratum compactum, the stratum spongiosum, and the stratum basale.

The structure, thickness, and state of the endometrium undergo marked change with the menstrual cycle.Thus, recent evidence suggests that earlier sampling during the window of implantation (.6–8 d after ovulation) is more sensitive for identifying altered patterns of endometrial maturation (3–5).The κ values ranged from a low of −0.39 (level of agreement, poor) for αvβ3 integrin expression to a high of 0.32 (level of agreement, fair) for biopsy dating by anticipated window of implantation.Overall, these results demonstrate that all endometrial variables investigated had poor reproducibility and high variability cycle to cycle.

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