Hepatitis c dating site

Unfortunately, the larger dating sites such as and Yahoo Personals do not provide a way for singles with issues such as HCV to identify each other, outside of going public in their dating profiles.For a while, herpes singles were using a phone-number code to wink at each other on these big dating sites, but that never really caught on.Transmitting HCV through unprotected sex is rare but it can happen. Whether you are looking for Herpes dating, HPV dating, HIV AIDS dating, or any other STD dating, this is the best place for you.Once the diagnosis is clear, the two of you can go over what it means for you, for your partner, and for the future. Still, if your partner has HCV, catching it early will be beneficial.

Hepatitis is a disease that affects the liver and causes inflammation.

You may feel more comfortable having a medical professional with you to help inform your partner.

Make an appointment with your healthcare provider and ask your partner to attend.

The problem is that once you disclose your condition, there’s a chance the other person might not feel comfortable dating you.

Even if you use the best way to explain it, some individuals will not want to pursue a relationship.

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