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Mysterious authority figure running the place with a vested interest in main character who definitely knows more than they’re saying about the threat unfolding? In fact, in the delirium haze of marathoning ’s turn-based, back-and-forth combat could be perfect for the Wizarding World, which typically sees duels with a more call-and-response style.understands what nearly every Harry Potter game hasn’t: people didn’t love the books and movies because of the spell-flinging action. Jam City's press release explained: Before the Patronus Special Adventure, players who have advanced to Year 1 Chapter 6 and beyond can partake in the full marks leaderboard event, where they can earn a special Patronus-related prize.   There will also be a special limited Patronus bundle available in-game to players who have advanced through Year 1 Chapter 4 and beyond, plus an opportunity to learn the Obscuro Spell via Duelling Club. equivalent of Niantic's hit game Pokémon GO, is currently in beta testing in several countries, and expected to release in full very soon after recently releasing a new trailer.These new additions to the digital catalogue of products certainly begs the question of what exactly the new venture between Warner Bros.While you may have to wait a while longer to play Wizards Unite, the other new Harry Potter mobile game, Hogwarts Mystery, is available around the world right now.

Rowling, released in 2018 as a partnership between Los Angeles based game studio, Jam City, and Warner Bros.

The game recently announced another exciting update, leading to further speculation on recent Wizarding World developments.

We love to bring true-to-canon content from the wizarding world into Hogwarts Mystery, and the Patronus has been one of those iconic features that our fans have been asking about for a long time.  The game allows players to progress through the years of Hogwarts, being sorted in Year 1, and attending Charms, Flying and Potions classes and taking on many more Hogwarts rites of passage in order to progress their character through an original story, still be unveiled by the award-winning narrative role playing game.

While the basic premise of the game is similar to Pokemon Go, it also bears many similarities to a traditional RPG, with a stronger emphasis on story and RPG elements like skill trees and potion brewing.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was originally scheduled to launch in 2018 before being delayed into this year.

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