Gsyncit error while updating

Either configure Outlook to not save sent copies of the Gmail mail or Save it in your local sent folder.Saving a copy locally will result in two copies of the sent message (one local and one saved by gmail online), but this is necessary if you use BCC and later want to check who a message was sent to.Saving a copy in the Gmail folders will result in two copies of Sent Messages.If you use Gmail's SMTP server, Gmail will put a sent copy in the [Gmail]/Sent Mail folder automatically.

This will automatically change the port to 995 for POP3 or port 993 for IMAP. If you use Outlook 2016 (or another client that support STARTTLS) use STARTTLS and port 25, otherwise use port 587 and TLS encryption.If you don't want to use IMAP you'll need to configure the account manually.To configure Gmail accounts for POP3, use Incoming mail server: pop.Outgoing server name (SMTP): smtp.Use the following settings for IMAP: Incoming server name: imap.Outgoing server name (SMTP): smtp.Use your full Gmail address, including @or @your_as the username.To delete a message from all folders, you will need to move it to the [Gmail]/Trash folder.Moving deleted messages to your [Gmail]/Trash folder will delete the message in all folders.

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