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Within two weeks I discovered that was not the case, their member base is a rather ordinary cross section of society and they charge different people different fees depending on if people tell them they can't afford their high fees or not.

They ask you how much you spend on entertainment in a month.

I asked them if I could do anything else to show my appreciation: All they said was "Tell other people." so I decided I'd post a comment. I saw an ad for them a while back and called them to get some information.

Since they're not an "internet dating site" they asked me to come in for the screening interview.

I was so nervous because I really wanted to do this but I was regretting my quick decision.

I sort of expected they wouldn't let me cancel so I decided I'd just go tell the receptionist and give her a letter and get out.

On 1/23/08 "Melissa" of Round Rock names Michael Miess by name as the owner of Great Expectations and you can read what her interaction with him was like.

I was taken for 95.00 for a years membership plus monthly website maint fees, I bought in on the basis that it was a high end premier dating service for professional singles.

I'm hard pressed to think of another reason for asking that question.You are given a log-in and password that they give you and it can not be changed. I recognized someone in their database who told me their contract with them ended at the start of this year yet his profile was still listed as "active" I attempted to get a refund of my fees as the membership base was misrepresented to me but I was told that I am not entitled to a refund due to the contact I signed. I've submitted my complaint to the BBB and the TX Attorney General's Office.It would nice for it to be resolved favorably but based on the past history of this business entity, I am not optimistic that I'll get anything back without a fight.They were both furious and made me feel bad for jumping into this.I don't let other people make my decisions but they got me thinking.

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