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Hacking airplane is not a novelty, in 2015, the FBI arrested the expert Chris Roberts who claimed to have hacked a commercial airplane while in flight accessing the planes systems by triggering a Wi Fi flaw in the in-flight entertainment system.

Modern aircraft are very sophisticated systems, but the massive introduction of technology could have the side effect to unload their surface of attack is the risk of airplane hacking is underestimated.

The video feeds will be analyzed using artificial intelligence to identify vehicles by license plate or other features and "give an extra set of eyes" to officers on patrol, says David Hinojosa of Coban Technologies, the company providing the equipment.

The program is part of a growing trend to use vision-based AI to thwart crime and improve public safety, a trend which has stirred concerns among privacy and civil liberties activists who fear the technology could lead to secret "profiling" and misuse of data.

But advances in visual recognition are now being used to detect firearms, specific vehicles or individuals to help law enforcement and private security.

One of those partners, California-based Umbo Computer Vision, has developed an AI-enhanced security monitoring system which can be used at schools, hotels or other locations, analyzing video to detect intrusions and threats in real-time, and sending alerts to a security guard's computer or phone.

The technology can monitor for threats more efficiently and at a lower cost than human security guards, according to Deep Science co-founder Sean Huver, a former engineer for DARPA, the Pentagon's long-term research arm.

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In just two days, the reached their goal, but the details of the hack were not disclosed and will remain classified.More than 100 of the flaws reported to the Pentagon through its vulnerability disclosure program have been rated critical or high severity.Weaknesses, found in nearly 40 Do D components, include remote code execution, SQL injection, and authentication bypass issues.Researchers and private industry experts, along with DHS officials, remotely hacked a Boeing 757 airplane that was parked at the airport in Atlantic City.A group of researchers and private industry experts, along with DHS officials, remotely hacked a Boeing 757 airplane owned by the DHS that was parked at the airport in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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