Galaxy angel dating sim walkthrough

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In the time-skip between EL and GAII, Ranpha wears a more formal dress that retains the Chinese motif while still showing off her chest and legs.

She replaces the bulb-like hair accessories with red tassel-like ribbons.

Matching the flashy nature of her attire and the main role of her Emblem Frame, Ranpha is hasty and is naturally the "show off" of the team and doesn't hold back in flaunting her looks and figure.

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She frequents the Training Room to exercise on many occasions and the intensity of her strength and sturdiness worried her as this sort of "tomboyish" (a term she hates) feature might obscure her feminine traits.

Aside from her demanding nature, Ranpha describes herself as an ordinary teenage girl and enjoys watching romantic dramas, shopping, and fantasizing how she would meet her ideal boyfriend.

A romantic at heart, she idealized her perfect partner to be rich, handsome, charismatic, and powerful.

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