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A mobile-first design allows users to scroll through the timeline easily on their smartphone or tablet and consume bitesize information of their choosing.A unique voting system enables live crowd-sourced ‘reactions’. (See: sex and relationship columnist Karley Sciortino’s firsthand telling of the modern-day dating experience.)And so we go back to the grind, er, i Phone. Say goodbye, it seems, to the politely returned text message (I’ve ghosted and been ghosted; what single person hasn’t at this point? It’s all a bit of a new frontier, and as we plunge forth, the old ways (meeting a prospective love interest out at a bar, for example) are becoming increasingly foreign to us.

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Its camera might recognize a person’s face, then scour the Internet for information about him or her, beaming that back to you in real time.Whether or not you like these specific alternatives at all–they’re still invasive, the creep is merely swept under the rug–they’re meant to make a point, that in the future, designers will be facing the creep factor of readily available data (be it macro data trends or micro data from sensors on your person), and they will be forced to do one of two things:1. Wrap It In Naivety And while there is certainly a market for Infinity AR’s hypothetical dating app, there’s no reason that interfaces have to be so overt to coax us into using them, to keep relying on them, and keep feeding them our precious data.In fact, I imagine there will be massive resistance to such invasive augmented reality tools.To communicate the findings of a report by relationship site e Harmony and Imperial Business College into what dating will be like by the year 2040 in a consumer-friendly and shareable way.We built a visually beautiful interactive timeline which allows the user to explore the relationship between technology and dating through time, highlighting key moments in online dating’s past and predictions for the future.

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    (An incoming call is the most obvious example: we expect the phone to ring, and the calling line’s number to be extracted and displayed, not only before we tap any icon to accept the call but also when our phone is still at the lock screen.) In other words, even though we think of phones as network clients rather than network servers, there are plenty of client-side apps that automatically download, process, act upon and display data .

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