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To learn more about this app, you can read our complete guide.We Chat lets you make video calls in a way that’s practically identical to Whats App, with the advantage of the fact that because it’s a Chinese app, it isn’t blocked and you won’t need to have a VPN active to use it.that We Chat and Weixin, the Chinese version of the messaging service, had more than 650 million MAUs, which highlights the customer base of the company.Tencent did not provide a breakdown of users based on geographic location but the majority of its customers are based in China.Skype and Line have also been offering similar services to their customers since 2014.

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When you call devices located abroad, the quality of video calls is quite good, although it is somewhat affected by the Great Firewall of China.

One of the common questions that people going to China will ask themselves is how they can communicate with people outside of the country.

The purpose of this article is to present and analyze each of the possibilities for making calls and video calls from China.

We Chat hopes that the new international call feature may attract more users to download and use the app.

However, making international calls from a messaging app is not new.

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