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Regrettably, Microsoft Excel does not accept a mixed SUM formula with an explicit lower bound but without an upper bound like =SUM(B2: B), which works fine in Google Sheets.To exclude the first few rows from summation, you can use one of the following workarounds.

To convert an ordinary range of cells into a table, select it and press Totals Row.For example, you can embed SUM in the And here's another example of using an advanced SUM formula in Excel: VLOOKUP and SUM formula to total all matching values.If you need to sum one range of numbers, whether a column, row or several adjacent columns or rows, you can let Microsoft Excel write an appropriate SUM formula for you.If you want to sum only visible cells in a filtered list, the fastest way is to organize your data in an Excel table, and then turn on the Excel Total Row feature.As demonstrated in the previous example, selecting Sum in a table's total row inserts the SUBTOTAL function that ignores hidden cells.

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