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The conclusion is that a variety of factors from medical treatment to scholarly work lead to mercury exposure at Skriðuklaustur, whereas at Skeljastaðir, volcanogenic emissions are implicated.Opportunities to directly study the founding of a human population and its subsequent evolutionary history are rare.Please NO game players, sex seekers or visa seekers.We rarely approve males under 25 years of age, because the age group of our females is mostly 35 and they are NOT interested in youngsters. Using genome sequence data from 27 ancient Icelanders, we demonstrate that they are a combination of Norse, Gaelic, and admixed individuals.

A few of the individuals buried at Skeljastaðir post‐date the eruption, possibly indicating that some of them experienced heavy exposure to volcanic emissions.Finally, we report evidence of unequal contributions from the ancient founders to the contemporary Icelandic gene pool.These results provide detailed insights into the making of a human population that has proven extraordinarily useful for the discovery of genotype-phenotype associations.Currently, we are accepting VERY LIMITED amount of new members.Preference is given to MATURE serious minded singles.

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