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In 1973, Polis was appointed by the governor in her home state of Pennsylvania as the first woman professional boxing judge.

S.’ ” Polis later learned that she was the first female boxing judge in the world.More: Cape Coral seniors brave elements, journey 8,000 miles by boat from Hawaii to Fort Myers More: Cape Coral 'Tortoise Guy' is helping out, one burrow at a time Polis said she’ll never forget her first night as a judge at ringside. “I was judging two heavyweight champs.” As a boxing judge, Polis has scored 27 title fights in nine countries.A highlight of her career with the World Boxing Association came when she was awarded a silver tray as runner-up for Official of the Year.As a judge, Polis has been able to travel all over the world.France, Japan and Italy are among the places she has been. “I loved the people, the food and their way of life.” With the job also came notoriety for Polis.

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