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She is looking hotter then ever and if you guys didn’t know those tits of hers are all naturals! But now, for some reason, I got baseball on my mind.

Here is a scene you guys will all love because you get to see Cam With Carmen’s perfect natural tits as she poses near a window.

Cam with Carmen Bella crammed her natural breasts into this tight purple corset and gives us a coy look like “what? I’d give 0 USD to see her do 5 jumping jacks in that corset… That being said, I’m not sure how I could think those big cushy titties and plump latina rump could be anything but 100% USDA Prime Female.

I don’t know who thought up this dress, but clearly they have earned their spot in heaven.

How long has it been since I posted a Cam With Carmen gallery?

I am looking right now and the last time I posted something was in November 2011!

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