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(8)(9) Some larger chain pharmacies have safe medication kiosks where you can safely and responsibly dispose of supplements. Ask your pharmacist about a disposal envelope, box or other ways you can dispose of expired supplements safely. The FDA warns never just to give away old vitamins or dietary supplements you no longer need to someone else, but the legal answer to this question depends on where you live.(10)(11) When dropping off supplements at your pharmacy, bring your supplements in their original container or packaging and drop them off. There are some resources online for reuse or donation programs for dietary supplements by state.If you are a health-conscious individual, there’s a good chance you have a kitchen cupboard or bathroom cabinet full of expired supplements and unwanted old vitamins.In the spirit of spring cleaning, we’re going to help you clean out your medicine cabinet!“Expiry dates are best to go by as it shows the product has been stability tested to last until this date. It’s useful to know the manufacture date and the expiration date.” This advice comes from Dr. If you see the wording “at the time of manufacture” date listed on a probiotic supplement without a “best by” date, take extra precaution.This is because you have no way of knowing how many colony-forming units (CFUs) you are getting.While carrying cases are great you don’t really want to put more than a few days in a case and use a case with a good seal.” Studies have shown that moisture-rich conditions (like the one created inside your fridge) can reduce the potency of vitamin C, B vitamins, and other water-soluble vitamins.

If you see an expiration date listed – know that a manufacturer is providing this voluntarily and it is not the FDA.The “best by” or “use by” date that you can find on a supplement label shows you how long a supplement is expected to last before its potency falls below 100% of the listed amount.Though there are some good manufacturing practices (GMPs) established by the FDA for dietary supplements, requiring an expiration date is not one of them. It just shows you when the supplement was made – not how long the ingredients remain potent and stable.Supplements and vitamins can be a great way to fill any nutritional gaps when appropriately taken and under professional supervision.However, when you misuse old supplements and don’t dispose of them responsibly, vitamins can transform into something potentially dangerous to yourself, people around you, your local water supply, pets, and wild animal species.

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