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For example: I will not have sex with a man (no matter how irresistible he is), unless we have made the MUTUAL decision that our relationship is exclusive and monogamous.

If having sex (with yet another woman) isn't special to him, than it won't mean anything to me.

Hello, I'm in a great relationship with a great guy.

Things are going really well, except, I have a few issues. I'm okay with that, but, I'm not familiar with the process.

He also doesn't call me that often, and I find myself always making the first move, or taking the initiative. I almost feel guarded now, because I would like to fall in love again, although I'm not with him just yet, I almost feel like I don't want to let myself feel anything for fear of getting hurt if he's not reciprocating the feeling. Sounds like to me you need a more defined answer as to what he means by "taking it slow".

Maybe he's not ready at all to be in a relationship and by the sound of it you are.

Everything is great when we are together but when I walk out the door I never know when or if I will hear from him again. OK.this makes 3 of us who are in pretty much the exact same situation...hopefully we all ain't dating the same guy!!!!

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Sounds like you're just floating out there with no idea how to to act or when to act.

I'm trying not to analyze the relationship too much, and just trying to enjoy it. We both have been burned, so, this is understandable.

What he doesn't know, is that most of my past relationships were rushed. But, I'm used to guys being aggressive, telling me they love me after a month, etc.

Turns out he wants more this time and it scares me a bit.

My story is I split with my fiance just over 5 years ago and have had numerous relationships where Ive always ended up wanting more than them and I ended up getting hurt.

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