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Eurostar’s control system was subcontracted to Intamin, who designed and produced the system.

Giovanola was subcontracted to produce the track, lift, and most of the electrical system.

Upon exiting the drop, the train navigates a large vertical loop that runs parallel to the lift.

After the lift, riders experience a 121° overbanked left turn that leads into a zero-g roll.

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However, B&M were reluctant to attempt a travelling model, and so Euro Star was designed by Werner Stengel from a rough layout designed by Bruch.After the zero-g roll, riders make another left turn up into the first block brake.After exiting the block brake, riders make another left hand turn and navigate through two back-to-back corkscrews then make a right turn up into the second block brake.In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, this is more crucial than ever.Eurostar was a unique portable inverted roller coaster.

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