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Again, it can be adapted for different ages and learning levels.Be sure to pre-teach vocabulary and phrases like stating an address in the proper order: first the number, then street name.Role-Play Card Instructions: (1b) You are a manager.You have an employee that hasn’t been performing well. He/she also spends a lot of time checking his/her private emails and strange websites instead of doing work.Tip: Add an extra element of practice and creativity by letting students design menus before performing the activity.Goal: Students will utilize their knowledge of direction words and polite requests to accurately give oral directions.

You can always add more elements of fun by allowing students to dress up and allowing lots of improv!

Yesterday, you caught her/him sleeping at his/her desk.

Please fire the employee (in a nice way).(3a) You are a boss.

Students should take turns being the server or guest.

Circulate to make sure students are using the phrases correctly and instruct the students when to switch roles.

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