Error updating bios

As crazy as it sounds, I'm wondering if someone saved their F2/F3g file and sent it to me if that would work as well. I've also tried using the files from the other servers (China, Europe...) with same results. Look at page 7 of the motherboard manual for the location of the clear bios button.I'd really hate to have to send the mobo back or wait for a new flash file to work. have you tried flashing using the white USB port on the back of the motherboard? See attached text file of tech support troubleshooting. The button is labeled CMOS_SW and is located between RST_SW and PW_SW.To boot into the secondary BIOS, you will want to first shut the system off and then move the BIOS switch to the secondary position.Then the system should be able to POST again.2) With the system running and while still in Windows you will want to move the BIOS switch back to the primary position.Looking at your pictures, there is a progress bar showing 100%.So the mismatch occurs after flashing is complete, not before when you select the bios file. It may not be writing to the bios correctly and when the bios is reread, some sort of checksum fails.

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You might be able to get the information by entering the serial number of the PC on a Web site, but when it comes to flashing your BIOS you need to be 100 percent accurate and the information on the Web site could be incorrect. Hello.1Download F3g Bios File, and unrar.2Pendrive format Fat32, and Copy ONLY f3g BIOS FILE. Since this is the only x399 mobo, options are limited to F2 and F3g online, and I've tried both. I've also downloaded/extracted from two different computers. I went into @bios and tried to update F2 from the server. I followed the instructions for Q-Flash , but never saw anything but the normal boot. I've had home computers since 1983 so I'm no newbie.(Exception code 0xc0000005 and fault offset 0x00033009)Things I've tried: Safe Moderunning as local adminran SFC /scannow disk checked the hard drivechanging the DEP settings Anyone got a solution?The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is critical to the proper operation of your computer.

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