Error message error validating application type oauthexception

these responses are as of december 2012, but of course facebook may decide to change them at any point in the future without warning.

I am using java and the purpose of my demo application is simple: Update user status. I got the auth dialog, facebook lead to the callback url and I got the code in my callback page. I recently dealt with exactly this problem: everything matched, but it failed with the OAuth Exception. I had the same problem and tried the above suggestions.

After leaving the military, Gregory spent 10 months doing missionary work in the Dominican Republic while his house was being built in Sarasota.

At that time I wish that I know now about rfc7807, the standard actually defines the interface of a correct and well-known error response.

Each company and even sectors are trying to define their own error response philosophy.

One of the areas that are key to building a successful API is the error handling/response.

Some time ago I wrote about the "REST API Error Handling Best Practices" which became a very popular post.

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