Entering the world of dating

And I completely understand the fear behind sharing this personal information with someone.Before opening up, I’ve asked myself: But after someone bounced on me mostly for health-related issues, a lot of people helped me check myself before I wrecked myself.When you haven’t flirted with someone, picked up someone or casually dated someone in quite some time, it’s normal to feel a lack of confidence.

Making the decision to create a profile online does not mean you need ‘help’, it means you are ready to offer your efforts and time in hopes of meeting someone worthy. Once you are past the point of casual sex and are in search of a relationship, you have an upper hand that most people unintentionally ignore- you know what you want and you are at a point in your life where you are serious about finding it. Getting over the fear of rejection, your insecurities and the hurdles that comes with dating, you are able to open up and you are able to enjoy the path to a relationship.

Getting dressed up to go to dinner or a movie is something I haven’t done in a long time and I’m loving it.

You’re in the category of singles and, despite popular belief, this actually lands you at a positive place in your life.

Without the ball and chain attached to me, I can be me, do me, and just have an awesome time. Meeting new guys and going on dates can be really exciting and lead to a really good time. For women who’ve gone through this before, it’s probably not anxiety-inducing, but being a dating virgin changes everything. I feel like the “it’s complicated” choice on Facebook applies to every relationship these days.

When you’ve never really done this before, it’s exhilarating. I literally cannot even right now with Tinder and I don’t understand why men keep sending me pictures of their junk! It isn’t fun to explain being left at the altar, and some dudes kind of freak out about it. It’s also annoying to go on lots of empty dates because guys aren’t upfront and honest about not wanting the same things. People are fickle and change their minds about everything all the time, and no one seems to know what they want. Ghosting and conducting basically an entire relationship via text and social media has made the dating process really impersonal and detached. How can you just stop talking to someone one day and be OK that’s how you “ended” it.

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