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’Uncle and aunt looked at each other for a moment and aunt asked me to come out of the room.She whispered to me.‘Remember Rina had tummy problem many hours ago and she is still having the pain and can't do poop. You are a little boy so I let you watch how we do it.He dipped his right index finger in the cup of coconut oil and came back. Rina might feel a little ticklish and that’s why aunty is holding her.’I can't remember if uncle’s answer satisfied me or not. I asked about it and aunty once again took me out of the room and explained.He put his left hand on Rina’s shoulder and looked at aunt and nodded. Uncle then put his left hand on Rina’s left bum cheek and spread it wide opened. She told me that uncle’s finger came out clean because Rina is constipated in the bowel deep inside.To return to the gallery controls, just move your cursor back over to that spot on the screen.

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Uncle was at work and I was just helping aunt with housework. I asked her that since she is a nurse isn’t she going to do something about it. In the room Rina was on the bed awake under a sheet.

Aunt said that if Rina is still not ok until she goes to bed she will do something about her sickness and asked me to go to bed shortly after eating. She was holding her stomach and showing some kind of pain in her face. I noticed that there was a bucket of water on the floor and on the table was something I have never seen before. Where there should be the needle of a normal syringe, this syringe had a blunt tube of about a centimetre diameter. There were also a soap case with soap and a cup full of coconut oil on the table.

’‘Well sometimes when we eat something that is not right it gives problems in the body.

That’s why Rina is having a tummy pain and she can go poop.’‘Then how do you make Rina go poop?

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