End of the world dating Irish free video chat

Although this may sound as though the dates arrived at are highly subjective, the method can be quite effective.

We can tell which things are closer to or farther from us in time.

Of course, just the nice round number 2000, signaling the end of one millennium and the beginning of another, planted the thought that something momentous might occur.

After all, no one living had even seen the end of a millennium before.

Animal bones, layers of pollen, rock strata, and pottery fragments have been used to determine relative dates.

The alternative to relative dating, although often called absolute dating, usually provides only an approximate date or a range of possible dates.

But then our predictions of good times dont fare much better.

Secular people called it Y2K, whichfor those who were too young back then to be aware of the term stands for Year 2000.

A quick survey of scientific methods for dating ancient objects reveals that even dating past objects or events involves unexpected complexity.

For many years, and still in some cases, scientists had to rely solely on relative dating, which cannot give a specific date or calculate age in years but rather distinguishes between the older and the younger.

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