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If this isn’t a huge deal for you seriously look into these premium options. If you’re looking for only one platform to be in, look no further than Tinder. It’s basically telling you to write some cool things about yourself such as hobbies and likes and dislikes. Nevertheless, one of the best Online Dating Platforms. You don’t want to burn yourself out on swiping girls all day. In our modern world, it’s usually the man’s job to text first and lead the conversation.

They may seem irrelevant but they are most certainly useful. That’s because when you hear “Online Dating” Tinder is the first thing that comes to mind to most people. If you get a tad creative with it you’ll find yourself looking at a masterpiece of a story, brilliantly designed to take you through the life of this person on the profile. Now, I haven’t personally been on Match that much myself but I’ve heard great praises of it from my friends and colleagues. And sadly, the online dating platforms are created in a very distracting and addicting way. Sometimes it happens that a girl is feeling adventurous and texts first, but don’t expect anything more than a bland “hey” or something.

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Obviously, in order to get the results, you need to have a good profile (and this is one of the most important from our Online Dating Tips For Men). I’ll go over a few quick mentions in here, but if you’re looking to seriously up your Online Dating Game you should definitely check it out.

And if you’re not sold on that already, think about it: Women don’t usually go all the way to their last like each day. Why don’t you open with a lyric from a Taylor Swift song? – Said the average guy after he magically matched with this hot girl. She’s in a room and that room has the most boring looking lamp? Tell her: “That’s the most uninteresting lamp I’ve ever seen”. It’s also great if you can ask her an open-ended question to get her to invest in the conversation.

Hell, they usually only swipe for about 10 minutes and that’s about it… A friend of mine told me the following story: He Swiped right on a girl in Tinder in his hometown. There are soo many other ways you can open a girl and make an impact on her in order to get her interested. How about you do something that the average guy wouldn’t? Simply starting out with a GIF sets you apart from 99% of the other boring guys out there who’ll either start with a “hey” or a comment on her bio. This way if she responds she’ll have to write something more than “yes/no”. That’ll subconsciously make her value this conversation over the thousand other boring Tinder matches.

The good part about this is that, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to look like Brad Pitt, have mad cash, perfect abs, and travel the world daily in order to be attractive (who knew, right). Basically, you want to have only good quality photos, nothing that makes it hard for a person to see clearly.

You want your main photo to be one only of you, in order to reduce confusion.

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