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Early Assurance Programs: While not specifically scholarships, the Early Assurance programs guarantee admission to several of ECU’s health sciences graduate programs (medicine, nursing, physical therapy and audiology) before students begin their undergraduate work.Maynard Scholars: Offered through the ECU College of Education, the Maynard Scholarship is a four-year award available to outstanding students from the eastern half of North Carolina who are interested in a career in teaching.

When you graduate from ECU, you will be ready for tomorrow.We offer a variety of merit scholarship funding, as well as research and study abroad opportunities, leadership and volunteer experiences, and unique and innovative seminars and colloquia.Here’s a quick look at several programs: EC Scholars: The EC Scholars Award is the university’s most prestigious undergraduate scholarship.They assist with overall research design; data management and analysis; interpretation, reporting and presentation of findings; and conceptual issues in producing a thesis or exegesis.Workshops on topics methodology, statistics and data analysis, NVivo, R and SPSS are advertised through both the Centre for Learning and Teaching and the Graduate Research School.

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