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It will arm you with all the necessary techniques to build your wife’s Attraction levels to you, and to ultimately Enslave her emotionally to you.BOTTOM LINE: If you’re married, and you want the ultimate devotion and undivided love from your wife, then SM³ will give you exactly that.To maximize the benefit from Double Your Dating, you will need a "mastermind group" to share ideas and experiences.

The program was conceived by Tom Torero to help men with getting a girlfriend.

It has nine chapters which fall under three major sections - Section 1 - How To Think About Success With Women - David D delves into why women behave like they do, and the importance of inner game.

This is where his teachings are different from other dating gurus who often prescribe 'magic bullet' solutions such as canned routines, lines and openers.

these are the same traits that you will need to fully benefit from Derek Rake’s programs.

You can use the Alpha Male Activator®, for example, to mentally prepare yourself for an important date with the woman you love.

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