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As he courageously makes his way over the Brooklyn Bridge to New York City, Spot’s adventures begin.

Meanwhile, Petey the Cat has been released from jail and starts a new life with Li'l Petey.

The humanisation of pets means that when pet owners experience the loss of their animal companion, their sense of grief can be very real and very painful.

What adds to this difficulty is our society's general lack of understanding about death and loss, even more so when it's the death of a pet. This is Spot’s story and he tells it in his own words.

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It's also the story of an ordinary man and his ordinary dog doing extraordinary things in the line of duty.Growing up, she was surrounded by a motley crew of cows, horses, dogs, sheep, cows, cats and even 'Monty', a Burmese Python!Whilst completing her studies in Zoology, Ana also volunteered at Taronga Zoo and the RSPCA.An unexpected death can be incredibly difficult for everyone, particularly children.Find support knowing you're not the only one dealing with this tough period of adjustment in the days and weeks following your loss. From a young age, Ana has always had a deep connection with animals of all walks of life.

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