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144-145) reported speech, relative clauses, phrasal verbs (bring), forming verbs 8d (pp. The countryside is beautiful around here and I go walking and horse riding a lot, but life is generally boring. 142-143) electronic equipment & problems, idioms 8c (pp. 151) - The Best of British Inventions; Across the Curriculum (Science) (p. • express likes/dislikes • socialise • express sarcasm/anger • make suggestions • give advice ♦ Practise ... " I Jamie, 16 - Crystal Brook, Australia live with my family on a farm near a small town in South Australia. Expressing likes Expressing dislikes • 1 like/love it. • It’s cool/great/ • 1 don’t like/enjoy it brilliant.

3 likes buying clothes but not spending too much money on them? Liberty House, New Greenham Park, Newbury, Berkshire RG19 6HW. 14-15) present tenses, phrasal verbs (look), dependent prepositions, forming adjectives Id (pp. 75) - The Great Barrier Reef; Across the Curriculum (Science) (p. expressing agreement/disagreement a for-&-against essay VOCABULARY GRAAAAAAR 5a (pp. 95) - The River Thames; Across the Curriculum (Geography) (p.

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