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Brian Krause portrayed Leo Wyatt, the boyfriend and then husband of Piper Halliwell through the series of Charmed.Besides Leo, he also partially portrayed the characters Leo's Past Life, Anton, Terra, Jackson, Barbas, Cole Turner, Piper Halliwell, a Possessor Demon, Demon Leo and Henry Mitchell.A lover of music, he enjoys playing the guitar as well as the harmonica.

It not only familiarizes me with the words, it makes them my own." Milano has always been a huge fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Prior to making his mark as an actor, Krause juggled various part-time jobs - including driving a pie truck and hanging drywall.

He is currently putting his construction skills to the test as he tackles a complete renovation of his Southern California Ranch Home.

One day, her babysitter, an aspiring dancer, dragged Alyssa along to an open audition for the first national tour of Annie.

However, it was Milano, not the sitter, who beat out 1,500 other stage actresses to earn a role.

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