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He sits with her and ponders, not without a touch of wry humor, a swing set that makes her nostalgic for her childhood (“Let me see this swing set of tears,” he says).

One man characterized the effects of dating apps on the male psyche as similar to those of pornography.

“Tinder is malignant,” said Matthew Ruskin (not his real name), 33, an investment banker who lives in Midtown. Swipe, swipe, swipe, like you’re throwing women away.” He added, “Porn changes the way you think about sex and makes it harder to fall for one woman.” “With New York City dating, there’s what I call a menu problem,” said Joey Lifschitz, 39, of Gramercy, a real estate analyst.

(Though his cancer is in remission, it could return). Hazel, whose thyroid cancer is terminal, is more cautious, mainly for fear of hurting Gus when she dies. “I’m going to explode and obliterate everything in my wake and I feel like it’s my responsibility to minimize the casualties.”) The film’s magic lies in its depiction of a couple whose time is desperately limited.

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While they do text, watch movies and play video games, these teenage characters are not wedded to their i Pads or i Phones. Yet the film prompts certain questions about the love lives of fortunate young professionals (code for 20-, 30-, and 40-something singles).One source said: “They were confronted by production when they crawled back in at 1am, and given a furious dressing down.“It’s fine for them to go off and have fun – they’re not being kept under lock and key.“But they are recognisable faces and Malia is a huge party town full of drunk revellers – anything could have happened.” An on-set source added: “The celebrities are free to go wherever they please during free time.In this summer’s hit film, “The Fault in Our Stars,” two cancer-stricken adolescents meet in a support group and fall deeply in love.

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