Dating taglines

Remember, try to think of what your target is - are you trying to get someone young and hip?

If so, try and state a headline that appeals to young women.

The point I want to stress here is for you to make your online profile header work for you.

‘These give a first impression and play a significant role whether someone reads further.Here are some real filter type subject headers we've seen people use: "Must be at least 5'10" to get on this ride" "Please be local, fit, over 40, and have a posted picture." "Romantic men seem to be extinct.If you're extinct, contact me now." "I love a man in uniform.When it comes to using a tagline, it's important to think of them as a “teaser.” The expression “Leave them wanting more” could be used to best describe what to put in the tagline and acts like a billboard ad that portrays an appealing image of you as a potential partner.Your headline is the deciding factor as to whether or not someone will read your profile, and this will be your golden opportunity to capture the attention of potential cyber-suitors, therefore don’t waste it!

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