Dating song disaster movie difference between dating having bf

I asked for a trim but, somehow, this translated as her practically scalping me.My boyfriend arrived to find me hiding under my desk, sobbing and refusing to come out...""A girl down my corridor told me she was sorry me and my boyfriend had split up.Major cringe.""We went to the cinema together and, as the titles began to roll, he whispered that he'd be back in a minute. ""I went to a party dressed as the pink Power Ranger and met a guy, dressed as Batman, who I hit it off with immediately. but as I went to remove my mask, he stopped me, telling me I was ruining his fantasy.Two and a half hours later, amidst the whispering gossips around me, he returned to watch the end credits. I swiftly made my excuses...""I'm really shy, so when I met a hot guy in my lecture, I had no idea how to talk to him. My back seat is big enough for two...' What a creep!

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They did not release a soundtrack album and the videos for the songs are more sparse than usual, but you can find a good number of the videos and downloads for the songs from the movie at Reel Soundtrack. Watch it once and you will have as many laughs as in the theater.

"A guy took me to Nandos one night and he insisted on paying for it. I thought I'd get laid..." Less than a tenners worth of chicken? ""I went on a date with a theatre student to a restaurant, who was clearly pretty impressed with himself.

Then, when we got to his, car he asked me for, in his words, "a little treat", which I declined to do. He ended the evening of conversational masturbation by serenading me and the entire restaurant with a song from Legally Blonde, The Musical.

They're all f***ing Batman At Wayne Manor, in the Batcave Butler Alfred is our love slave Riddle me this Holy bathhouse I'm f***ing Amy Winehouse?

..he knew we were f***ing|that guy with the big utility belt?

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