Dating singer sewing machines treadle

Also, any Singer machines made for INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL use are not covered here at this time.As I work out more parts to this template I will update in the future. You have indicated that your machine has the large Knob/Dial on the front of the arm.If you have the Treadle it is a Model 15-96 and if it is Hand-Crank it is the Model 15-98. The Tension Adjustment Dial/Knob should be facing toward you as you have indicated and here is NO large Knob/Dial in the middle of the arm.

Look at the pictures below to confirm your machine's identity. You have indicated that your machine has the "D" shaped Needle Plate. If the Sewing Bed is 14 to 16 inches (35 cm to 41 cm) it is a Full-Size.

Select the answer that best describes your machine. With TWO Narrow Slide Plates you have either the Model Series 27/28 or the Model Series 127/128. Locate the Bobbin Winder on your machine and select the answer that best locates its position., you have a Singer Model 127 or 128.

If your machine is the Full-Size model with the 14 to 15 inch Bed (35cm to 38cm) then you have the Model 127.

Select the answer that best describes your Bobbin's position. All the Non-Electrics are similar machines, we just have to determine if it is an early Model 15 or a later Model 15.

This will be done by determining what PATH the thread takes when winding the bobbin.

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