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Despite his poor eyesight and speech impediment, the white-haired boy managed to find someone to call 911.The quick and intuitive response from the EMTs, despite their never having been trained in giant cat attacks, saved her life.Scott hopes that by sharing these nightmares, that he would now get some much-needed rest!After the different – and perhaps bizarre – disclaimer on the show, Scott then dives into the main topic – the murders committed by Herb Baumeister.Instead of simply being removed from the road, the racoon carcass became one with the paint!As for Scott – such a great approach in tackling True Crime cases!

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This show does not only have Scott narrating gruesome criminal stories – it also serves as a rather different platform to expel these demons inside him.Fact may just always be more interesting – and stranger – than fiction. And we hope that the series will help you deal with the demons inside you … I It was nearly dark when 10-year-old Tommy Tucker zipped around the corner of the old train station on his bike to witness the cougar atop its prey.With so little supervision, she became more and more prone to wandering far from her home.It was her misfortune to have been hunting for specimens for her bug collection by the tracks the evening that the cougar passed by.

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