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I think you’ll feel her pain and see why I wanted to respond to her: Here’s something you NEVER EVER want to forget.

It’s the real truth about how most men think when it comes to sex and dating in casual and UNCOMMITTED relationships…Ready?

You created EXPECTATIONS from the situation that he had no part in deciding about or even discussing, and now he’s freaked because you’re confronting him with what YOU feel and what he SHOULD want, when he hasn’t even figured that out for himself yet. The real problem now is something entirely different.

Some groups focus on activities and others are merely for talking.It’s completely free, and filled with valuable advice that you need to catch and keep the man of your dreams.A women’s group is designed to be a supportive, educational and fun environment for women.Here’s the thing…I don’t know if you see this, but you’ve moved on to wanting “something serious” right after you and he had sex, thinking that sex of course means there SHOULD be a relationship and he should feel the same way about you. The decision to have sex with a woman often has NOTHING to do with whether a man has decided that he wants to “date” you more seriously.And sure, it would be nice if men were different and didn’t take sex so lightly.

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