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Bringing together a large mass of geologic and paleontological data, Wegener postulated that throughout most of geologic time there was only one continent, which he called Pangea, and the breakup of this continent heralded Earth’s current continental configuration as the continent-sized parts began to move away from one another.(Scientists discovered later that Pangea fragmented early in the Jurassic Period.) Wegener presented the idea of continental drift and some of the supporting evidence in a lecture in 1912, followed by his major published work, Although this has yet to be proven with certainty, most geologists and geophysicists agree that plate movement is caused by the convection (that is, heat transfer resulting from the movement of a heated fluid) of magma in Earth’s interior.The heat source is thought to be the decay of radioactive elements.How this convection propels the plates is poorly understood.Tie plate basically has some holes and shoulder(s).

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The skin has been broken into many different plates because of differences in the density of the rock and differences in subsurface heating between one region and the next.

lithosphere, which is typically about 100 km (60 miles) thick and overlies a plastic (moldable, partially molten) layer called the asthenosphere.

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