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When the watch is off the wrist and at room temperature, all of the contact points and circuits function properly.However, when the watch is being worn, your body temperature might cause a slight expansion, possibly breaking the circuit connection. With many of today’s quartz watches having an end-of-life feature, it is not advisable to replace the battery until it is absolutely necessary.Expansion occurs when there is an increase in temperature.In this case, the electronic circuit may have a bad contact or defect within.The watch movement most likely needs to be serviced.Although there are numerous conditions that cause this malfunction, it is usually corrected by complete maintenance.My watch runs fine when I don’t wear it but as soon as I put it on, it stops. This is a somewhat common problem, indicating the electronic circuitry may have a defect.One of the factors causing this to happen can be explained using the principles of basic physics.

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This can be a very expensive repair and depending on the value of the watch, replacing it may be the most economical alternative.

The alarm worked fine until the battery was changed. The watch may need to be sent to the service center.

Other possibilities may be that the case back is installed incorrectly or there is a problem with the alarm contact plate. The display on my digital watch has turned black and the numbers can no longer be seen. This usually happens when a digital watch has received a severe shock, perhaps by being dropped.

Remember, even if something major seems off, it’s likely that with a little TLC, your battery-powered timepiece could soon be good as new.

Below are answers to frequent questions about watches with quartz movements. The first step is to see if the battery needs to be replaced.

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