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While in Manizales it gets chilly enough, so some people may want heaters. However, some expats may prefer the cooler climate in Manizales.

Medellín has nine of the top 58 ranked hospitals in Latin America while Manizales only has one.

In addition, Manizales is located in the northern part of the Colombian coffee region .

Many expats I have met living in Medellín prefer Medellín.

The daily average high temperature in Manizales ranges from 69.1 to 71.6 °F (20.6 to 22.0 °C).

In my opinion, both places have their pluses and minuses. Since we have already compared Medellín with several cities in Colombia, some readers asked that we also do a Medellín vs Manizales comparison.

We previously wrote about 11 reasons why Medellín is considered a top foreign retirement location.

The foreign retirement publications have for several years have been touting Medellín as top foreign retirement location.

Similar apartment properties I have seen in Medellín in estrato 5 or 6 neighborhoods tend to rent for or sell for at least 30-40 percent higher prices than in Manizales – or even much higher.

Other costs like groceries, restaurants and other things tend to be at least 5-10 percent cheaper in Manizales in comparison to Medellín.

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