Dating lingo Free chat room to talk to milf

It usually starts with a question similar to, “Are you seeing other people?

” After this conversation, your relationship will take on one of the following states: over, open, or exclusive.

According to Urban Dictionary, breadcrumbing is when “the crush has no intention of taking things further but they like the attention, so they flirt here or there and send DMs and texts just to keep the person interested, knowing damn well they’re staying single”.

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Dicksand is like quicksand but with dicks – or put more eloquently, when a girl is obsessed with a guy and gets totally sucked into his world and nothing else matters.

When it comes to modern dating, it can be an absolute headfuck.

It’s a minefield of swiping left and right, game playing and an ever-changing set of rules.

— Meet up for coffee A very casual and non-committal phrase used by a male when he kinda, sorta, maybe, but not really, wants to ask a female out.

This is popular among the college and Christian dating scenes.

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