Dating jeep cj5

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The CJ-3A had many features similar to the late CJ-2As.

Likewise the late CJ-3A had some of the new characteristics of the CJ-3B. These differences can be used to roughly date when a vehicle was manufactured.

See Willys-Overland Production Figures 1945-61 on the CJ-3B page for a list of serial numbers of Willys vehicles.

Body Tags The earliest 1949 CJ-3As have a body number tag below the serial number tag on the firewall.

The first CJ-3A engine serial number should be 3J10001 and then increase through out the remainder of production.

Serial number lists of other models of Willys vehicles indicate that engine serial numbers increase at a faster rate than the vehicle serial numbers.

In 1952 the engine block was changed to one with a larger flange at the rear.The vehicle serial number had a prefix of CJ-3A for the first 2 years of production.During this time the serial numbers continued to climb with no regard for model year.What caused the engine serial number difference in 19 to account for a discrepancy of several thousand engines?The early engine timing marks are located on the flywheel and viewed through a small hole in the engine rear plate.

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