Dating hohner guitars

The G3T is a wooden rendering of the Steinberger composite guitar in appearance, with maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, and licensed tremolo bridge.A wooden licensed solid bass was produced by Cort Guitars in the mid 1980s.Steinberger is a series of distinctive electric guitars and bass guitars, designed and originally manufactured by Ned Steinberger.The name "Steinberger" can be used to refer to either the instruments themselves or the company that originally produced them.By not forcing guitarists to detune to play lower notes, the Trans Scale allows guitarists to maintain consistent tone while playing in a lower-than-standard range.The Washburn Bantam was an unlicensed 1980s imitation of the Steinberger headless style.

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Hohner continues to offer the G3T Steinberger licensed guitars, which have been available since "the late 1980s".

All of these instruments have a number of interesting innovations in materials and design.

An NS Bass Guitar (headless) was added later to the production line.

The Trans Trem provided the functionality of a capo in addition to vibrato effects. Later designs included: Several companies licensed the headless technology from Steinberger and produced numerous all-wood clones or similar instruments.

Hohner, for example, produced licensed all-wood L-series copies and Cort produced headless guitars with different body designs.

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