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The track was produced by Amos Larkins II in late 1986, making it a regional hit in early 1987.As Amos went into semi-retirement for a few years, Disco Rick assumed the role of producer.| Tool - Tool-The Pot mp3 | Taio Cruz - Higher Feat Kylie Minogue mp3 | Swing 39 Quartet - Blues des Toons mp3 | Chad And Jeremy - The Truth Often Hurts The Heart mp3 | Nonpoint - Shadow mp3 | My Alarm mp3 | C. Avery - Dungeon of love mp3 | Anda Adam - Say Goodbye(mp3) on mp3 | Lil Wayne - No Lie Dedication 4 on mp3 | Saragossa Band - Dance with the Saragossa Band Part 8 mp3 | Derek Minor - Who You Know mp3 | Ginuwine vs.Paramore - Crushed Pony mp3 | Tynisha Keli - My Everything mp3 | 1x04 Adurn More Than An Arms Reach mp3 | Massari - What About The Love ft.The following year, Gucci Crew hired a new DJ and producer named Hollywood, and released their fourth and final album, "G4".The initial single, "Pushin'", received airplay on Yo! It was the group's next single, "Booty Shake", that became a club anthem in the south eastern United States 1990/1991 and gained the act a whole new fanbase for a brief period.Rather than being based on booming bass and group choruses, the song is rather cacophonic and jumbled, with a big swipe from Grandmaster Flash's "White Lines." "Everybody Wants Some" and "Can We Get Funky?" return the group to its old formula, with good results.

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Both "Shirley" and its raunchier successor/update "Sally (That Girl)" are on this disc, as are "Truz 'n' Vogues," "The Cabbage Patch," and "Five Dollar High" (a surprising Top 20 rap hit).

Since this contains every noteworthy moment from Gucci Crew's history, there is no need to deal with any of the group's proper albums.

Tensions arose as the final version of the album featured a parody of Doug E.

Fresh's "La Di Da Di", which went against Disco Rick's wishes.

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