Dating frankoma pottery

Frankoma Pottery was sold in 1991 to Richard Bernstein, who changed the name to Frankoma Industries.

In 2005, it was sold again to Det and Crystal Merryman. It closed down a couple of years later in 2010 with the assets being sold at a factory closeout auction in 2011.

The theory is that, if it is Ada clay, it will not change color. This method is generally, but not 100 percent, accurate. You can review the years of production and look it up in the original catalog. This site started out in 2008 as a Frankoma salt and pepper shaker site.Over time I have added a scan of almost all of the Frankoma catalogs. My goal now is to cover Frankoma collecting in every aspect.Frankoma Pottery was originally known as The Frank Potteries when John F. The name “Frankoma,” a combination of his last name and the last three letters of Oklahoma, was used beginning in 1934. The factory opened in Ada, Oklahoma, then moved to Sapulpa, Oklahoma in 1938.Early wares were made from a light cream-colored clay from Ada, Oklahoma, but in 1956 the company switched to a red burning clay from Sapulpa.

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