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When someone’s intelligent, they tend to feel superior to other people.

They can see and understand things that people around them can’t perceive.

But by pretending to not be so intelligent, they feel like they’re not being true to themselves.

All the overthinking they do on a daily basis can lead to anxiety in social situations. Do you have any advice for people looking to overcome these struggles? No one likes doing the laundry, and as long as you’re not starting to re-wear clothes that have started to get a bit stinky, you’ll still be a functioning member of society if you put off the laundry for a few hours (or days). Even though I put it off a little bit (again, totally for research purposes), it’s still getting done. By procrastinating, you hold the most control over whatever task you’re working on. Laundry is obviously a basic example, but this can apply to a number of situations.

They often think about the saying, “ignorance is bliss” and wonder if it would be better if they simply weren’t so smart.Happiness comes from accepting the universe exactly as it is, but when you can’t help but over-analyze the world around you, it’s almost impossible to simply let yourself be absorbed by the imperfect beauty of what’s around you. Share this list with your friends and see what they have to say! Since the dawn of time, people have been putting things off. In order to research this topic, I procrastinated writing this article until I was getting pretty close to the deadline (to my editors: ha, I’m kidding. Here are nine reasons other than article research that you might find yourself procrastinating: If you put things off, they can’t go wrong! However, this also means, obviously, that that particular task isn’t being done. By breaking things down into parts, you’ll find the task much more doable.Honestly, almost everything we do can be broken down into little manageable parts. Sometimes, being a perfectionist works in your favor.Highly intelligent people might seem to have it better through life, but this isn’t always the case.There are several difficulties and challenges only they will experience.

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