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But the law allows the right to vote to be restored after he has paid all fines and completed any time served in prison and parole (CGS 9-46a).

In addition, every elected municipal officer or justice of the peace must be an elector in his town and anyone who ceases to be an elector of the town must immediately cease to hold office (CGS 9-186).

The state can deny employment or a license, permit, certificate, or registration if the person is found unsuitable after considering (1) the nature of the crime, (2) information pertaining to the degree of rehabilitation of the person, and (3) the time elapsed since the conviction or release (CGS 46a-80). ) prevail over agencies’ authority to deny licenses based on the lack of good moral character and to suspend or revoke licenses based on conviction of a crime.

But they do not apply to law enforcement agencies, although an agency can adopt such a policy (CGS 46a-81). Professions under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Health specifically including healing arts, medicine and surgery, osteopathy, chiropractic, natureopathy, podiatry, physical therapists, nursing, nurse’s aides, dentistry, optometry, opticians, psychologists, marital and family therapists, clinical social workers, professional counselors, veterinary medicine, massage therapists, dietician-nutritionists, acupuncturists, paramedics, embalmers and funeral directors, barbers, hairdressers and cosmeticians, and hypertrichologists (CGS 19-17 and various other statutes). Licensees for (a) electrical work; (b) plumbing and piping work; (c) solar, heating, piping, and cooling work; (d) elevator installation, repair, and maintenance work; (e) fire protection sprinkler systems work; (f) irrigation work; and (g) sheet metal work (CGS 20-334).

Federal and state law for public housing allows eviction based on conviction of certain felonies. Also, anyone convicted of a sex offense requiring registration must provide a DNA sample (CGS 54-102g). Someone convicted under federal or state law of a crime involving possession or sale of a controlled substance is not eligible for federal assistance for higher education expenses for certain periods. State law bars anyone convicted of a drug possession or use felony under federal or state law from receiving benefits under the temporary assistance for needy families or food stamp programs unless the person (1) has completed his court imposed sentence, (2) is satisfactorily serving probation, or (3) completed or will complete a court imposed mandatory substance abuse treatment or testing program (CGS 17b-112d).

In addition, private organizations may also consider a person’s criminal background.

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It is a criminal offense for a felon to possess a firearm or electronic defense weapon (CGS 53a-217).

Its regulations allow the state to dismiss employees who are convicted of a (1) felony, (2) misdemeanor committed while on duty; or (3) misdemeanor committed while off-duty that could affect their job performance (Regs. In most cases, it must give employees notice and a hearing prior to dismissal.

And a union member may grieve and get an arbitrator’s ruling on whether the conviction was just cause for discharge under the specific terms of the union contract.

For example, Little League recently adopted regulations to check volunteers and employees for convictions of crimes against or involving minors.

A person forfeits his right to become an elector (a voter) upon conviction of a felony and commitment to prison and cannot vote, hold public office, or be a candidate for office (CGS 9-46).

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