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Then there are the other, less common V1 circuit variants that had much more low end, giving them a monstrous sound when playing power chords, but some found the low end too flabby and muddy.

The bass and treble frequencies vary quite a bit from one circuit variant to another, as does the gain, fuzziness, and clarity on notes.

1967/68 The company was founded by Mike Matthews in NYC.

The Axis fuzz pedal (Guild Guitar Company) Foxey Lady Pedal (Guild Guitar Company) 1969 LPB-1 Linear Power Booster.

You can have two different V1 circuit variants that sound roughly the same through an amp.

Then you blend both with an overdrive and you find one sounds very different than the other.

EHX often used CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply) brand cans, or “pots”.

The most common circuit variant used did not sound all that different from some of the more common circuit variants in the V2 enclosure. Sustain was exceptional, and gain was moderate, as was the low end.

The very early, and VERY rare perf board V1 circuits had a really unique sound in the low end and lower mid range that most of the later V1 and V2 circuits variants did not have.

They were not especially high gain, but had smooth, long sustain, and fat, warm bass frequencies.

The next two numbers are the year The last two numbers are the week of the year they were made.

So a pot stamped 1377615 was made in the 15th week of 1976.

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