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He had no trouble finding clothes to give to his guests He went down to the city of Ashkelon, killed thirty men, and took their clothes.

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On his way back home, Samson passed back through the vineyard where he had met the lion.

The poor terrified animals ran through the fields and set alight the corn and the nearby farms.

The whole sky was lit up with the blaze, and for miles around the Philistines had lost their crops. The Philistines took revenge on the Israelites for Samson’s deeds.

On the very first night, Samson gave the guests a riddle to solve.

He promised that if anyone could find its meaning, he would give each and every one of his guests a fine set of clothes – But if none of the guests could guess the riddle by the end of the feast, then they must give him thirty sets of new clothes.

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