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It’s much better to figure these things out yourselves.If that’s not possible, work with a professional who is educated about you and your family, who can help you and your co-parent strategize about finding a solution that works in your particular family.Co-parenting Successfully In addition to the normal schedule, you should also consider how holidays, vacations, and other days off from school will work. Often, co-parents alternate holidays and days off from school annually or, and this is the important part, in the way that best works for them and their child(ren).The key, again, is a plan that is workable and keeps conflict low(er).It means you need to be able to discuss issues related to your kids, even when you disagree, and have a method to resolve the disagreement that doesn’t drag your kids into the middle of the conflict.Often, email is a viable way to communicate, we just recommend you keep it brief and courteous.Nesting Is Not Just for Birds All of the schedules we’ve discussed relate to moving the kids from one household to another.A less common but possible option is called “Nesting.” This requires the co-parents to move in and out of the household instead of the child(ren).

This requires, in many jurisdictions, that a Parenting Plan be part of the Divorce Agreement.It requires that you and your co-parent have a particularly high level of regard, respect and trust for each other, even if you live in separate bedrooms of the house.Some co-parents even manage to share one apartment or other dwelling outside of the family home where they live when not in the family home.In addition, you might review primary sources like case law, or secondary resources like what you’ll find here on it’s over easy, which cover many of categories that you’ll most likely be thinking about as you face divorce.If your goal is to save time, money and create the best life going forward for you and your kids, doing your homework is critically important.

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